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Growing Indiana Wrestling

The Indiana High School Wrestling Coaches Association was established to stimulate and promote the growth of wrestling in Indiana schools. The Association also promotes sportsmanship and a friendly understanding among all schools that conduct wrestling. The IHSWCA works to affirm our belief in the Indiana High School Athletic Association and support its principles.

The Numbers

115 Member Coaches

With expertise and a passion for the sport, our coaches pave the way for wrestling excellence and empower student athletes to reach their full potential.

1,610+ Represented Athletes

Meet Indiana's extraordinary student athletes, the high school wrestlers who excel both on the mat and in the classroom. These dedicated individuals showcase remarkable skill, resilience, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, setting the standard for sportsmanship and academic achievement.

Academic All State

Celebrate excellence both on the mat and in the classroom with the prestigious Indiana Wrestling Academic All-State Award! Recognizing the dedication and hard work of student-athletes who excel in wrestling while maintaining outstanding academic performance, this award embodies the perfect balance of athletic prowess and scholastic achievement. Join us in honoring these remarkable individuals whose commitment to both sport and academics sets them apart as shining examples of achievement and dedication.

For more information, go to https://ihswca.org/academic-all-state

Middle School State

Step onto the mat and witness the future of wrestling at the Indiana Wrestling Middle School State Tournament! A thrilling showcase of young talent and determination, this tournament is where budding athletes from across the state converge to compete, showcasing their skills, passion, and dedication to the sport. Join us in celebrating the resilience and spirit of these young athletes as they take center stage in this exhilarating competition!

For more information, go to https://ihswca.org/middle-school-state

Team State

With a rigorous selection process that honors the best of the best, this event brings together the top 12 schools from each of the 3A, 2A, and 1A classes and the top eight schools from the 4A class. From the meticulously chosen top teams from the IHSAA individual semi-state locations to the wildcard entries, every participant embodies the spirit of excellence.

For more information, go to https://ihswca.org/team-state or join the dicussion on Indiana Mat.

Help Grow The Sport

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