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Fall Clinic

This fall, October 17-18 we have an awesome lineup we are very excited about!
Thursday we have Mark Manning (head coach of Nebraska, head coach to Jordan Burroughs, James Green and Chad Red Jr.), Thursday we also have the IHSAA Rules interpretation meeting with Robert Faulkens, and we will give you a chance to have your voice heard! We will be having break out sessions to get ideas and help on “hot topics” in wrestling.

Friday we have something new to the Fall clinic. The NWCA Leadership academy. This teaches the head coach of a team, to act more like the CEO of a program! We will be having leaders from the NWCA come in and teach this awesome course. Being that it is new, and we want big attendance. We are offering some scholarships to those that email me. These scholarships are for coaches that have not been to the fall clinic before, and will be coming with another paid coach, or veteran coach. Email me to see if your eligible.

This is really going to be a motivating two days!

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The December newsletter has been released! It can be viewed here.